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JOHN Deere tractors: quality that’s 100 years in the making

John Deere has been an innovator in farm machinery for nearly two centuries. But for the past 100 years, it’s our tractors that have revolutionised agricultural productivity around the world. With one of our utility tractors, you too can transform the productivity on your own property.

That’s because 100 years of experience makes all the difference: with engineering, craftsmanship, ease of use and versatility that you can only get from John Deere.

Utility tractors without compromise

John Deere has a passion for quality engineering - and it shows, in every nut, bolt and weld of our compact utility tractors, and on the faces of the people who are proud to build them.

"We never assume something will be all right – we make darn sure it is.” David King, Manufacturing Engineer

Connect a mower deck without leaving your seat

The John Deere AutoConnect™ mowing deck attaches without you getting off your seat. The deck and driveshaft automatically connects when you drive over it. Listen for the two clicks and you are connected. Mowing height can be set by jumping off to quickly change the gauge wheels on the deck. Once they are set you don’t need to adjust them again. And when you want to disconnect, simply lower the deck, flick the lever just above the deck and unlock the gauge wheels, hop back on and safely reverse off the deck. It’s that simple.

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