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Seasonal Lawn Care Tips - Summer

This is arguably the most challenging time of the year for your lawn, with extreme heat and dry conditions making it hard to keep your lawn looking good!

While you can’t do much about the weather, you can ensure that your lawn is well set up to survive these trying conditions.

Follow these simple steps below:


Growth usually slows down in hot, dry weather. Raise the cutting height of the mower to leave the grass longer (above two inches/50mm), providing shade and natural cooling to the roots and soil.

Mulch mow as this helps insulate the soil and roots and reduce evaporation. Mow early or late in the day to reduce the incidence of the grass developing burned tips.


Apply slow release and coated fertiliser in early Summer. Avoid fertilising once daytime temperatures reach 30 deg C. 

Remove Weeds

Weeds may continue to thrive in Summer, especially dandelion and cats-ear that have large tap roots that help them survive drought.

Become Water Conscious

Lawns can dry out very quickly in Summer. Water early in the morning while it's cool so your lawn gets a chance to absorb the maximum amount of water. Late watering may induce overnight humidity resulting in fungal problems.

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